The test system for the diagnosis of subclinical mastitis of cattle "MASTITEST-S"

The test system for the diagnosis of subclinical mastitis of cattle “MASTITEST-S”

  • Type of: Anti-Mastitis Products
Composition. Sulfanol 10%, bromocresol purple, distilled water.
Pharmaceutical form. Residue-free liquid of cherry-violet colour with surface-active agent and indicator. Produced  in the form of 10% solution.
Pharmaceutical properties. Testing system action is conditioned by cooperation of sulfanol with somatic cells (white blood cells mostly), contained in the milk during the inflammatory processes in the udder of mastitic cows and the milk pH, indicated due bromocresol purple.
Sulfanol interacts with somatic cells in the milk (white blood cells mostly) generating gelatiniform clot of different density. The more somatic cells on the milk, the denser clot.
Animal species. Cattle (cows), small cattle (sheep, goats).
Therapeutic indications. The drug is intended for disguised inflammations of the udder and treatment results assessment by cows, goats, sheep.
Precautions. Do not use the drug after the expiry date or without necessary flask marking. During the shelf life of the test system by the temperature below +10°С in the flask the precipitation is possible without affecting the test system quality. By residue appearance, the flask is heated by the water bath and stirred up to residue dilution.
Application directions.
  1. Testing is conducted on the milk-check plate or comparable.
  2. First, milk yield samples of every cow are tested by 10% solution of Mastitest‑S during the control milk yielding: 1cm3 of milk tested is put into the cavity on the check plate, 1 сm3 of Mastitest‑S 10% solution is added, stirred by the stick during 15-20 sec. The reaction results are defined by the stage of gelatiniform clot generating (by white blood cells increase) and blend colour change (by pH change).
  3. The milk with positive or doubtful reaction after Mastitest‑S 10% solution used is tested further: the parenchymal milk of every udder quarter is tested by Mastitest S 2% solution.
After milking operation 1 ml of milk of every udder quarter is blended with 1 ml of Mastitest S 2% solution in every check plate cavity; mixed with the stick during 15-20 sec; the reaction is considered similarly to that in the point 2 (Mastitest‑S 10%).
Reaction results assessment
Reaction type
Reaction intensity marking
Assessment by the milk consistence
Assessment by the colour
Negative reaction
homogeneous fluid
from light purple to purple
Disputable reaction
traces of gelatiniform clot generating
from light purple to deep purple
weak gelatiniform clot generating, dragging after the stick without leaving the fluid
from light purple to violet
Positive reaction
moderate gelatiniform clot generating similar to a raw egg albumen, partially leaving the fluid with the stick after mixing
from deep purple to violet
shaped gelatiniform clot generating, totally leaving the fluid with the stick
  1. Monitoring result records
The milk contains somatic cells by the positive or disputable reactions at Mastitest‑S 10% and Mastitest‑S 2% solution milk testing.
Precaution. The drug should not be blended with other drugs, chemicals or frozen.
Package. Mastitest‑S is produced in flasks of 50 сm3, 100 сm3, 200 сm3.
Conditions of storage and transportation. Store protected from light at the temperature from +5 °С to +25 °С.
Dispensing regulations: Without prescription.
Shell life: 12 months since produced.
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