New directions


 A separate scientific research requires planning of new directions of production: 1) Means of protection of fish, bees The requirements of the fish-breeding and beekeeping industries are practically not taken into account by the domestic industry: there are no biological means of protecting fish and bees from infectious diseases; Immunity in these animal species and the pathogenesis of disease development are insufficiently studied, there are no effective means of diagnosing their diseases, and the means and methods of treatment often have side negative effects.
Fishery and beekeeping is an unsuitable virgin land in the biological industry. 2) production of probiotic products, the composition of which corresponded to the natural state of the organism’s microflora of a particular species of animal or poultry. To date, most probiotics contain lactobacilli, bifidumbacteria, in some cases enterococci, whose action is in their antagonism with the pathogenic microflora.
3) production of immunostimulants and immunomodulators. Now Ukraine has practically no domestic immunodeficiency funds, and those that are registered are produced in small series and irregularly.4) Given the expansion of powers through the association of veterinary and phytosanitary service, a promising direction is the development and production of biological plant protection products that are environmentally friendly and safe for use , in particular on the basis of B. subtilis of other saprophyte microorganisms – antagonists of phytopathogenic microorganisms. A great help from research institutions would be the conduct of toxicological research on drugs. 5) The production of biological agents for other branches of the national economy: bioseptics for processing waste in sewers and cesspools, biofertilizers for agronomy, biological means for repairing soils in areas of the developed chemical, oil industry, etc. These issues require preliminary scientific research, coordination with the Ministries Health and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

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