Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing


Under the notion of contract manufacturing it is common sense to mean “industrial outsourcing” – contract transfer directly to the production process. The notion of contract  manufacturing is usually understood as “industrial outsourcing” – transfer directly production process by contract.

Contract manufacturing is a special production practice that allows holders of the trademark, patent holders, product developers and any other companies to place orders for the production of the product itself at a specialized enterprise possessing the necessary equipment, technologies and qualified personnel. In addition, often contract manufacturers themselves are developing the product on order, and only then begin to its industrial production.

State enterprise “Sumy Biological Factory” carries out contract production, providing customers with the possibility of complex solution of production tasks at all stages of product release: from the technical specification to the serial production:

– Veterinary immunobiological preparations;

– Probiotics;

– Fertilizers of mineral and biological microfertilizers; Mineral and biological microfertilizers

– Disinfectants;

– Liquid detergents for use in veterinary medicine;

– Other veterinary drugs, etc.

The production of certain components of the final product by the contract manufacturer, allows the customer to reduce the time for the products to enter the market, reduce production costs, save personnel and financial resources, improve the quality of their products by the use of advanced technologies. You can also order the following services:

– Packaging and lyophilization services;

– Services for the thermal utilization of wastes arising as a result of medical care, veterinary or similar practices

The company, as a contract manufacturer, has a strong technical base, production experience and a sufficient number of skilled personnel that can ensure the implementation of the full production cycle.

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